list of issues

#11 (September 1988) “Don’t the Kids Just Love It?”; interviews with Ed’s Redeeming Qualities and Galaxie 500; “Doing It On Their Own: My Afternoon in Camden High Street”; reviews of records I got while in the UK; “My Trip to Bristol” (interview with Matta and Clare from Sarah and Martin from Subway Organization)

#12 (November 1988) “I’m Listening to Music Again”; profile of Angela Fiducia Tilton Heywood, founder of the New England Free Love League in 1873; interviews with High Risk Group and Girl Trouble; “What Little Girls Are Made of” (reflections on Harriet the SPy, The Borrowers, and indie rock); record reviews

#13 (March 1989) bits of mail; “Writing Songs” by Linda Smith; “A Pop Postcard” by Jeffrey Borchardt (on Postcard Records); interview with Lillian Daniel of Geek (pre-Tsunami) by Corey Powell; “Bad, Superman, Bad,” short story by Ray Halliday; “What I Feel about Stevie Smith”; reviews of records and fanzines

#14 (July 1989) reflections on Some Velvet Sidewalk and growing up in Astoria, OR; poems by Nancy Krygowski; “Original Slinky, Walking Spring Toy”; “The Fanzine Game”; “Poetry Reading—the New England Poetry Club”; record and tape reviews

#15 (September 1989) “Teenage Kicks Right Through the Night” (the Fastbacks vs. Greil Marcus); appreciation of Dead Moon, Mega City Four, and the Pastels; “Ancient Grandma Secrets” (oral history with my grandmother, Cynthia Estella Jones); article on the Freshies; “The Withering of the Word” (fake academic article loosley concerning sea monketys)

#16 (November 1989) “The Bad News/The Good News”; print reviews (The Somerville Journal, pulp fiction and fanzines); poems by Richard Hay; “Girls At Their Best” (articles on the Mo-dettes and Girls At Our Best); appreciation of My Dad Is Dead; record reviews

#17 (April 1990) “The Scene Was then”; scene reports on Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington State; Community 3 Records; poem by Richard Hay; letters, record reviews

#18 (October 1990) “I Was Trying to Describe You to SOmeone”by Richard Brautigan; “A Parable about Merge Records”; interview with the Rosslyns; “The Big Red Machine” (about the Cincinnati Reds in the mid-1970s); Bi-Joopiter Tapes; record reviews, Harriet news

#19 (March 1991) “Nothing Personal… Everything Personal”; record reviews, Harriet news

#20 (August 1991) “Fanzine Thralldom and Thrilldom”; “Why Running a Record Label is Neat”; “Natural Kinds of Joy” (on Kenneth Grahame and That Petrol Emotion); “The International Pop Conspiracy Theory” (on not attending the International Pop festival in Olympia); “Sweetest Aches and Sarah Pains”; “Cubist Pop: Pgh Meets NC”; “Feeling Good All Over in Chicago”; “What Makes a Label a ‘Major’ Label?”; record reviews

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